Having a blast!!

Aloha from Kauai.

My little shop all started the first time I tried metallic temporary tattoos and fell in love with them. No commitment and oh so shiny!!!

Living in a male dominated house with my hubby and 2 sons there is a big lack of girly stuff going on... So I took a big step to do something creative and feminine just for me.

With no formal designing skills I went online and sat for hours learning how to use complicated programs from the Adobe suite and just went to work. I get my inspiration from all the beauty in this world and everything that I love. I wouldn't say I have a style because I can find beauty in everything, the only problem is what to make next, the ideas don't stop coming...

I am a one women operation here at my home office. I answer every convo myself, print, pack, and ship every order. I love reading everyone's names and dreaming of the places I get to ship to. I send love in every package I ship because I am in love with what I do. This may sound super corny but I truly care about each and every customer and there order.

I have been on a such an amazing journey creating this shop and learning about running it. I have been able to meet and create so many new and amazing relationships and look forward to more.

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